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SCH Advisors is a leading independent stock advisory firm that works with a variety of clients from institutional and corporate to retail and private investors. Our objective is to offer uncompromised advice, enabling our clients to make pertinent investment decisions.

Specializing in sectors known for exceptional growth, SCH Advisors is here to guide, advise and execute your wealth management strategy.

As well as providing traditional execution – only, advisory and portfolio management and dealing services we also provide innovative products and services covering international equities, contracts for difference (CFD’s), access to initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary equity offerings, tailor made high yield corporate bonds and structured products. Some of our products are either exclusive to SCH or only accessible to a limited pool of investors.

Our relationship with leading investment houses and financial institutions allows us to access investments that are often out of reach to private investors. SCH Advisors enables its investors to access sophisticated investments providing the products have been assessed as suitable or appropriate in terms of a client’s knowledge, experience, objectives and attitude to risk. SCH’s aim is to provide guidance and transparency to all investors so that they have a clear understanding of the product or service and the associated risks before they make an investment decision. SCH place customer service and delivery at the forefront of what we do.

SCH Advisors has access to the largest exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia.


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