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Spread betting allows our clients to bet on the rising or falling of markets and other financial products.
With spread betting, clients will bet a monetary amount per point change in a particular asset or market.

For example, £1 for every point change in the FTSE 100.  There will be a spread which is the difference between the buy and sell price.  In this example if the belief was that the FTSE 100 will increase in value, you go ‘long’, and the spread bet will be opened at the buy value. For every point the FTSE 100 increases a £1 gain will be made, i.e. if the FTSE 100 rises by 10 points, then you will be £10 in profit.  If the FTSE 100 had fallen by 10 points, then you would face a loss of £10.

If you think the market will fall, you go ‘short’, and open the spread bet at the sell price.  In this situation for every point the market falls, profit of a pound a point will be achieved.  On the other hand if the market rises, then a loss of a pound per point will arise.

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